Seabord Salvage 2001

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Seaboard Salvage Co. began in the mid-1920's, a scrap metal and junk dealer. They were located at 203 N. Market St. in Petersburg, Va. It was a division of Gresham and Ware Inc. (Julian R. Gresham and Richard S. Ware).

In 1929 Samuel R. Gresham was superintendant of Seaboard Salvage. Earlier Samuel R. Gresham had been bookkeeper for W. M. Lewis & Bros. (carriage manufacturers and dealers in farm implements) and for the Mutual Transfer Co. (movers: "boilers, machinery and furniture, moving our specialty"). In 1913 he helped found Gresham & Co. which initially dealt in carriages and wagons, then in agricultural implements. Gresham & Ware was founded in 1920 as a hauling and storage business.

This building has signs on both the Tabb St. and Market St. sides, as well as across the street on Market St. (visible dimly on the right in this image).

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