Atlantic Iron Works

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Iron Works
706 E 12 St NY

The foundry call Atlantic Iron Works located at 706 E. 12th St. was the property of Daniel D. Boyce and John Rogers McIntire during the years 1868 to 1877. It then passed to Burnet & Co., consisting of James J. and Gilbert J. Burnet, until the demise of this company in 1888. For the history of Boyce and McIntire see their foundry mark page. For Burnet & Co. see the Burnet, Jackson & Co. page.

This ad from Trow's New York City Directory, 1883, shows that Daniel Boyce remained as superintendent of the works while the Burnets were proprietors. The verso of this ad provides an image of the works located at 704-706 E. 12th St.

A huge number of foundry marks for Atlantic Iron Works are found in New York City. A few others are:

Atlantic Iron Works
917 Manhattan Ave., Brooklyn
Atlantic Iron Works
250 Front St.
Atlantic Iron Works
13 Ave. B
Atlantic Iron Works
687 Broadway

The building at 687-691 Broadway is described as follows by Sarah Bradford Landau and Carl W. Condit, writing in Rise of the New York Skyscraper, 1865-1913 (1996), "Steel girders carry the floors and cast-iron front of a former dry goods store designed by John A. Wood for iron merchant Albert Tower and still standing at 691 Broadway (1885-86). This imposing six-story building, which runs through the block to Mercer Street for a depth of 200 feet, was subsequently enlarged by the addition of an identical adjoining structure at 687-89 Broadway (1887-88), designed by the same architect for the same client and also extant." (Click here for 687-691 Broadway image.)

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