Garman Bros.

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Garman Bros. Iron Works
322 E. 75th St. N. Y.

The Garman Bros. iron works was in business at 322 E. 75th St. from 1906 until 1918. Prior to 1906 the brothers appeared in city directories as either "iron" or "bicycles" at several locations downtown (primarily Ludlow St. and Ave. A) starting in 1901. The brothers were David Garman (born 1881, died before 1948), Louis Garman (born 5 July either 1873 or 1878), and William Garman (born ca. 1880/82, died 1945). They were immigrants from Russia, and all three registered for the World War I draft in 1918. On his draft registration David Garman stated that he was 37 years old, born 6 Sept. 1881, and that he lived at 132 W. 112th St., Manhattan. He named his brother, William Garman, as his nearest relative. He said that he was self-employed at 322 E. 75th St. Louis Garman was 45 years old, born 5 July 1873, and lived at 56 E. 98th St., Manhattan. His nearest relative was Fannie Garman, his wife. His occupation was "Iron Work for Buildings, David Garman, 322 E. 75th St." William Garman was 38 years old, born 4 July 1880, Russia, and he lived at 46 W. 111th St., Manhattan. His nearest relative was his wife, Lena Garman. And he was an "Iron Worker, Garman Bros. Co., 322 E. 75th St."

The last listing for a Garman Brothers, Ornamental Iron, in the New York telephone directory was in 1918. After that the brothers seem to have gone their separate ways either as iron workers or engaged in the building trades. Polk's New York City Directory for 1925 listed David Garman as a builder, William Garman as a clerk, and Louis Garman only as a residential entry. The same year William Garman became a U. S. citizen, renouncing his loyalty to the Republic of Poland and/or the present government of Russia. He lived at 395 Riverside Drive, Manhattan, and stated that he was born 15 May 1883 in Minsk, Russia (present day Belarus). He listed his occupation as "Manufacturer, Iron." In 1927 William Garman & Co., Ornamental Iron, appeared in the New York telephone directory. They were located on Davis St. (near Court Square), Long Island City, Queens. This business was later called the Garman Iron & Bronze Works. In 1942 William Garman, age 59, registered for the World War II draft, but gave no information about employment.

David Garman appeared in Polk's New York City Directory for 1933-34 as the pres-treas of the Garwead Construction Corp.

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