Bryan G. Green 2008

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Bryan George Green (1866-1929) maintained an iron foundry at 213 and 229 Pacific St., Brooklyn, NY, from approximately 1901 to 1927. Green was born in Redditch, Worcester, England, and immigrated to the U. S. in the 1880s. He appears in three successive U. S. Census reports for 1900 through 1920. In 1900 his given name seems to read John, and he seems to have a son, John Jr., who in 1910 is listed as John D. Green.

There is another Green manhole cover slightly east on Congress St. at no. 165, where the address of the foundry is given as 209 Pacific St. (click for image.) The cover with 209 Pacific St. is probably from a later date than this one with 229 Pacific.

But Green coal chute cover abound in Brooklyn Heights. Usually the inscription takes one of these four forms:

  1. B. G. Green 207-215 Pacific St Brooklyn NY
  2. B. G. Green Iron Works 215 Pacific St Bklyn NY
  3. Bryan G. Green 209 Pacific St Bklyn
  4. Bryan G. Green 229 Pacific St Bklyn

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