Jubilee Garage

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Obscured by trees, shadows and wires is this sign reading Jubilee Garage. The building here on the corner of Webster Ave. and 167th St. seems to have been erected in 1923, the year of New York City's Silver Jubilee (25 years), the 1898 considation having combined the counties of the Bronx, Kings, New York, Queens and Richmond which contained the three cities of Brooklyn, Long Island City and New York.

An incorporation notice for the Jubilee Garage appeared in the New York Times, 16 June 1923, reading, "Jubilee Garage, Bronx, $25,000; I. Einbund, B. Wolfson, E. Taub. (Attorney, W. R. Altman, 277 Broadway.)"

The Polk New York City Directory listed Morris Leichtman (1902-1931) as proprietor of the Jubilee Garage at 1180 Webster Ave. and 641 E. 169th St.

In 1933 the Bronx telephone directory listed Webster Paradise Garage at 1170 Webster Ave. and the Jubilee garage at 1136 Webster Ave. The Jubilee Garage moved to 1122 Webster Ave. in 1934. It remained at that address through 1939. In 1940 1122 Webster Ave. became the Circle Garage for a single year.

Meanwhile, at 1170 Webster Ave. the Webster Paradise Garage was in business from 1933 through the 1970s. A winged wheel is found in the pediment of this building, a sure sign of the location of a garage. (Click for image).

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