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Middlebrooke Lancaster Inc
Mfrs of Nutrine
Beauty Preparations

Middlebrooke Lancaster Inc. were manufacturers of beauty products from approximately 1934 to 1976. They were incorporated in 1936, and they were located here on Hewes St., Brooklyn, from 1947 to 1965.

Nutrine was registered as a trademark 16 October 1951 as trademark 444,582, by Middlebrooke Lancaster, Inc., New York, N. Y., James Miller, President.

An earlier Middlebrooke Lancaster trademark was this one for Lord Middlebrooke, a shaving cream, trademark 424,095, registered 17 Sept. 1946.

This ad for Nutrine Transparent Hair Lacquer appeared in Vogue July 1943.

This one from 1944 specified that a federal tax would be added to the 60 cents for the 50 pads, and that Nutrine was also available in a liquid form.

Another Nutrine ad featured an Homogenized Creme Shampoo in November 1944.

Regarding James Miller, president of Middlebrooke Lancaster, I can say nothing. The name is too common. I have not been able to identify him in any sources.

In 1944 Federal Trade Commission Decisions included the following regarding Middlebrooke Lancaster claims for its Nutrine products, "Middlebrooke Lancaster, Inc., in connection with the offering for sale, sale and distribution in commerce as defined by the Federal Trade Commission Act, and of the advertising by the means and in the manner above set forth, of the aforesaid Nutrine products, or of any other products composed of substantially the same ingredients, or possessing substantially the same properties, whether sold under the same, or any other name or names, agreed that it will cease and desist forthwith from: 1. The use of the word "oil" as part of the trade designation of the Nutrine Shampoo, and from the use of the word "oil" in any way so as to import or imply or the effect of which tends or may tend to cause or convey the impression or belief that the said Shampoo is an oil shampoo, that is to say, a shampoo that contains free oil. 2. 'Representing, directly or inferentially, that the disparity in either the alkaline content or the caustic content of the Nutrine Shampoo and Castile soap is sufficiently material to be of any practical consequence. 3. Stating or representing that the Nutrine Shampoo "is 10 times safer or milder" ..."

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