Anthony Cuneo

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Originally a coal dealer, and the son of a coal dealer, Anthony Cuneo erected this moving and storage facility at the corner of Southern Boulevard and 173rd Street, the Bronx, in 1913.

The building remained in that capacity in 2015 (click for image of building), although now a part of Dun-Rite Moving & Storage company.

This story in the New York Times, 20 March 1913, pg. 19, described the original plans for the building: "A large plot of ground has been assembled by Harry Robitzek on the southwest corner of 173d Street and Southern Boulevard, Bronx, for the Alpepiana Realty & Construction Company, a new corporation. This company is about to construct the largest storage warehouse in the Borough of the Bronx, and have in turn executed leases to the Santis Storage and Warehouse Company, Inc., to maintain the business when the buildings are completed. Anthony Cuneo, an operator, is the President of the Alpepiana Realty & Construction Company. Plans are being prepared by Goldner & Goldberg, architects."

Anthony Cuneo (1876-1970) and his Alpepiana Realty & Construction Company were involved in real estate dealings, mostly in the Bronx, from 1904 to 1953. In 1904 he applied for a passport when he gave his occupation was "dealer in coal." And he appeared in the 1910 U. S. Census living at 871 Forest Ave., the Bronx, age 33, also a "coal dealer." Also at this address was John C. Cuneo (1844?-1924), an immigrant from Italy, Anthony Cuneo's father, and also a coal dealer. Trow's 1911 New York City Directory gave the location of this business as 730 E. 161st St., the Bronx.

Polk's 1915 New York City Directory included both Anthony Cuneo Inc. "coal" at 871 Forest Ave., the Bronx; and Anthony Cuneo, president, Santi Storage Warehouse Co. at 1571 Southern Boulevard, the Bronx. Santi Storage was also known as G. Santi & Co., and others connected with the business were Joseph Nesi (1884-1945?) and Louis Cella (1888-1973), who were close relatives of the Cuneos. Anthony Cuneo's mother, Angela, was born Angela Cella, and his sister, Catherine, married Joseph Nesi.

G. Santi & Co., movers, seem to have been founded around 1910 by a recent immigrant from Italy, John (i.e., Giovanni) Santi (1878-?). The Santi name was often spelled with an "s" on the end, Santis, but most documents spell it without the "s". He registered for the World War I draft, for instance, in 1918 as Giovanni Santi, age 40, born 19 Nov. 1878, Italy, living at 1150 Intervale Avenue, the Bronx, when he was an "Automobile Factory employee, J. G. Johnson & Co., 255th St., Bronx NY."

This story in the Bulletin of the American Warehousemen's Association, No. 171, Vol. XV, May 1914, pg. 149, elaborated on the new storage facility on Southern Boulevard, "It has remained for the Bronx to evolve a new type storage warehouse - one that is fireproof, yet artistic in design, in which architectural strength, safety and beauty have been reconciled harmoniously. The new structure, seven stories high is constructed of granite and occupies a site 100 x 77 at a corner of 173d street and Southern boulevard. The Alpenpiana [sic] Realty and Construction Company, Anthony Cuneo, president is the owner. Differing from the traditional type warehouse, the windows of this structure are decorated with friezes, in which the wings of Mercury are the predominant theme. The roof follows the lines of an old Roman galley, while at the corners of the building the winged wheel of commerce forms the decoration. There are three hundred storage rooms on the five upper floors, and the building is constructed so as to be included in the category of those that are absolutely fireproof, while yet containing the most modern fire prevention and fire fighting equipment recommended by the Board of Underwriters, assuring the lowest possible rates of insurance. The building has been leased to the Santis Storage Warehouse Company, Anthony Cuneo, president, for a period of fifteen years. - New York Herald"

Santis Storage at 1571 Southern Boulevard became Cuneo Storage Co. in 1918. It was listed under this name in the Bronx telephone directory through 1954, then became the Cuneo Broadway Storage Co. On Anthony Cuneo's death in 1970, Alfred Santini & Co. occupied the building.

The two names on the plaques beneath Anthony Cuneo's name were his sons, Edward Cuneo (1906-1967) and Lorenzo Cuneo (1913-1924). Lorenzo died 27 September 1924, age 11. Edward lived with his father in the 1930 and 1940 U. S. Census reports, employed as foreman and worker warehouse.

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