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Dreier Safety Coal Hole Cover
35 Goerck St. N.Y.

The patent mark at the bottom reads Pat. April 1 - 1919. This patent (no. 1,298,678) can be read on google patents, where Abraham Dreier claimed to provide a coal hole cover which is "automatically locked to the frame when the former is in position over an opening."

Other Dreier coal hole covers are found on

  1. Henry St..
  2. Morton St.,
  3. West 13th St.,
  4. East 30th St. near 5th Ave.,
  5. East 70th St. near Lexington Ave.,
  6. East 84th St. near Madison Ave.,
  7. West 107th St. near Central Park West.
  8. East 116th St. near 1st Ave.

The covers on 30th St. and 84th St. carry the foundry address, 742 East 12 St., a later address for Dreier from the earlier Goerck St. location.

The cover on Morton St. includes the words "Feralun - A. A. M. Co. N. Y." A. A. M. refers to American Abrasive Metals Co., manufacturers of the anti-slip surface trademarked Feralun. For more on American Abrasive Metals see their page at amerabrasive.htm.

More on Goerck St. and Dreier Iron Works can be found at Dreier Structural Steel.

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